Ronald “Ron” Raemisch

PORTAGE – Ronald “Ron” Raemisch, age 58, from Portage, passed away from cancer in the arms of his wife, Paula, his mother, Barbara by his side, and his dog Max by his feet. He was grateful he had time to say his goodbyes to many of his friends from Madison and Portage.  He would say louder than life, “Hi, Buckshot” to many of his friends.  You probably knew him as Rockin Ron, Hammerhead Raemisch, Just Ron, My Ronnie, Rainbow Ron, or Radical Ron who lived on the edge, front seat of the rollercoaster.  He will now be our Unforgettable Ron, our Guardian Angel.

On the day Ron was born, his mother was in labor and rode to Madison General on the back of a Harley.  The doctor said Ron was born saying Vroom! Vroom!  Hence his love for loud cars and motorcycles.  He was loud and excited about his passions in life.

Ron was a long-time collector of antiques and Red Wing stoneware. Ron would be late for kindergarten on garbage day, going thru the trash looking for treasures and hiding his finds in the bushes.

With many joint injuries, Ron retired early on disability from his proud work in the Madison Painter’s Union Local 802.  He painted everything from the Epic Center, water towers, windmills, Walmarts, and many, many taverns, and homes.  He met his wife in the alley behind Unforgettables.  “Hi, I’m Ron, 33 years in the painter’s union; anything you need done you know where you can find me.”  Paula hired him to paint an office and he donated the money to the Humane Society.  She hired him again, and he called the paint color, Blue Moon, like the ice cream.  He would do anything to cheer you up, including wearing a grass skirt and coconut bra to the office to get a laugh and take your mind off your troubles.  Their first date was at Hometown Pharmacy’s old lunch counter, sharing a blue moon malt, two straws.  It was an epic romance, front seat of the rollercoaster, Diamond Rio song, Beautiful Mess, they healed each other’s hearts.

Ron said, when he dies, the first person he wants to see is his brother, Ernie, followed by his dogs, Klaus and Tyson.  A celebration of life will be held at his Blue Moon farm, date to be determined.  His ashes will rest on the farm by his brother Ernie’s 48 Ford.

Ron has a couple requests to pass along:

1. Share your bed with a dog and donate to the humane society.  Ron was a huge animal lover.  People can break your heart, but animals will always give unconditional love.

2. Tell your Congressmen to legalize marijuana.  Doctors are too afraid to give narcotic prescriptions to people in legitimate pain.  No one should have to suffer in pain like Ron did with over 22 joint surgeries.

3. Put your big girl panties on and move forward.  Don’t look back on the bad memories.  Always do your best with honesty and fight for integrity.  Do what you say you’re going to do.  Follow through on your word because Jimmy-Crack-Corn and life’s not fair.


The Pflanz Mantey Mendrala Funeral Home in Portage is assisting the family.